Superman Movies

Superman MoviesThe superman movies are a thrilling collection of 5 superhero movies all based on the famous DC comics character: Superman. Superman the movie, was released in 1978 and it starred Christopher Reed as Superman as well as Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando, Glenn Ford, Phyllis Thaxter and many more characters.

The 1978 Superman movie was focused on the origins of Superman. Born on Krypton as Ka-el, Superman is then sent to Earth and grows up in a small town of Smallville. He then becomes a reporter- Clark Kent, develops a romance with Lois Lane all while he fulfills his Superman role while fighting Lex Luthor, the villain of the super hero story. The first superman movie set the scene for a new movie genre: the superhero movies.

Filmed at the same time as the first Superman, Superman II was released in 1980. Due to various production and other behind the scene arguments this movie has been known as quite controversial. In 2006 the director of Superman 2006 released the Superman II: The Richard Donner cut that contains most of the original footage Donner shot before he left the project. Even so the fans welcomed the release of the second superman movie making it a financial and public success.

The adventures of superman continue in Superman III where unfortunately due to a lack of agreement between Warner Bros and the initial producers of the Superman series, Warner Bros released a different version of Superman III that disappointed the fans. In 1987 Warner Bros released Superman IV: The quest for peace that unfortunately wasn’t as well received by the fans either.

In 2006 the Superman Star series were revived with the production of the Superman: Returns movie, starring Brandon Routh as Superman and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor that received a great response by the fans, but didn’t make a great box office income as Warner Bros expected. Later after the Superman Returns was released, Warner Bros After this release an ultimate collector’s edition a 14 disc DVD collection containing all the Superman movies ever released.