Superman Comics

Superman ComicsThe comic books especially DC Comics have been the origin of our greatest superhero stories: Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and many more.

The story of Superman comics started around the late 1930s and was fully developed around the 1940s or also known as the Golden Age of Superman comic books. It was created in 1932 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and sold to Detective Comics Inc. It was around the 1940s when the DC comics established the superhero genre through its Superman cartoon that later inspired the Superman movie series.
The Superman comic series established and developed the traits of Superman from an earlier more violent and simple character to a more complex socially responsible and multidimensional character.

The Superman costume featuring the Superman shirt with the famous S logo has also reached it worldwide popularity due to the initial comic book design of the superman costume. The red and blue muscle jumpsuit together with the belt cape and famous logo are now trademarks of a true American Superhero that is now remembered at any Halloween party for which fans buy costumes and pretend to embark a new superman adventures.

The cover of the first Superman comic book featured 64 color pages of action and until 2008 the comic book series of the superman stories called “Superman” and later changed to the “Adventures of Superman” has reached the 680th issue.

The comic series was the first superhero comic story to have its own comic book that has lasted now for more than 70 years while maintaining its high popularity and also winning numerous prizes. It has been the first inspiration in creating the successful and worldwide popular series of the Superman movies.