Superman Characters

Superman CharactersAs any superhero story there are good characters supporting the superhero as well as evil characters helping the villain of the story all fighting in a fierce battle that keeps readers and a viewers in suspense up until the end.

Starting with the DC comic, the superman comic book character was defined and developed from the golden age comic era of the 1930s, and later and his powers developed in the 1940s when also becomes a social responsible superhero. His costume and powers originate from the various comic books on this issue and have later on evolved through the series of the Superman heroes interpreted by Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh.

Clark Kent, Superman, although plaid by the same actor are two sides of the same coin. Clark Kent is a quite introverted person, that works as a reporter at the daily Planet newspaper. Clark Kent embodies the identity of Superman, whereas Superman the hero signifies the supernatural identity, the he has to hide in order to keep saving human lives.

The female character as well as the secret love of Superman, Lois Lane is a fellow reporter at the Daily News that accompanies Clark Kent in covering various stories for the newspaper. Developed through the years in various comic book editions of the Superman story and interpreted by various actresses in the Superman movie series, Lois Lane has been always been the secret love of Clark Kent.

Among the Superman cast of characters, the super villain,the number one enemy of the Superman hero is Lex Luthor a character first designed around the 1940s. Initially imagined as a mad scientist plotting against the world, this character was later reinvented as the character we all know now: an evil white collar corporate executive of LexCorp. With all the transformations this character has undergone he has still remained the major evil force that Superman needs to fight in all his adventures.