Superman Action Figures

Apart from the ultimate DVD collections of all the Superman movies ever made and a collection of Superman comic books, fans truly enjoy a collection of Superman action figures. From the early Superman action figures until the latest releases of the Superman: Returns action figures in 2006, fans worldwide have collected numerous symbols of their favorite superhero.

To choose a great gift for a Superman fan you can go to the DC comics website section – DC Direct where you can explore the endless collections of action figures from the earliest versions up to the latest announced action figures. Nowadays you can purchase these action figures from multiple vendors online or even participate in online auctions selling unique collector’s action figures that sometimes sell for a quite a high amount.

More well off fans can actually purchase the various original superman costumes worn during the Superman movie series, and some Christopher Reeve Superman costumes have been auctioned for surprising amounts reaching over $100,000. Nowadays every fan can fulfill their desires of owning a Superman costume as there are many online vendors as well as Halloween stores that will sell Superman costumes and accessories such as wallpapers, logos, and many more.

When purchasing a Superman action figure or any accessory you need to keep in mind the age of the person for whom you are buying it, the quality of the manufacturer (DC direct features actions figures produced by high quality manufactures) and also its collectible value (an unopened 1970 superman action figure can even reach a 5 figure amount).

Whether you are making a gift for a child just learning about the adventures of the world’s most famous superhero or whether it is a special gift for a passionate superman collection fan, there are numerous options to choose from, each that will generate a great surprise!