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SupermanWelcome to the superman home page!   If you are a superman fan or grew up mesmerized by the world’s most famous superhero you have come to the right place! You can find a mini guide of the superman history starting with the superman movies, the superman characters as well as the superman comic series.

Released in the late 1930s the superman comic series were the first to have their own book and also establish a comic book genre: the superhero comic books. Reaching its 680th issue in November of 2008 the DC comics featuring the Adventures of Superman has inspired numerous generations across lifespan and has brought Superman as a superhero to children and teens worldwide for more than 70 years now.

This successful comic series has inspired the release of the first superman movie in 1978, the first out of many Superman movies that have helped make Superman not only an American hero but one loved by fans all around the globe. The series has had 6 movies: Superman I, Superman II Superman III Superman IV and the latest released in 2006: Superman Returns and Superman II the Richard Donner cut. Although some have been controversial and due to many production and directors arguments and have at times disappointed the fans expectations, they have had tremendous success and have created generations of fans, as proven by the latest director of “Superman Returns” that declared himself honored to be the director of the latest Superman adventure movie as he himself was a Superman fan since his childhood.

You can embark on a great adventure reading more about Superman’s movies and comics as well as find out great tips on surprising Superman fans with great Superman collection items such as action figures! Click on the tabs above to find out more!